Jeju and Penang: Two Islands, But Two So Very Different Bus Rides - Penang Monthly

The electronic readout at the chrome and glass sheltered bus stop tells me my bus is two minutes away. The bus stop provides free Wi-Fi, so I log on to the public transport app Kakao and watch my bus animated in real-time, moving across the map. I follow its progress and see other buses moving around the nearby streets, like ants each following their designated trails, rectangular ants with ... read more

Coffee in Jeju - Mekong Review

Read my latest contribution to Mekong Review

Black Books Matter - some recommended reading

Some of you don't have black people in your lives, and those of us who do still might not really understand all the ways their lives may differ to ours, to yours.
Books provide insight. Books offer a way into worlds that look quite like ours but aren't. Books are a path towards empathy. If we can empathize with the lives of fictional characters we can at least partially imagine ourselves into the shoes of those whose lives these fictional accounts reflect.
I often worry that I read too many US-based writers and I've been making deliberate efforts to change that. I've said this before - for a country that only counts for 3.5% of the world's population its cultural weight is disproportionate, so many, but not all of these books are from US authors. I'm also just focusing on books by black authors written in countries where they are not in the majority.
I've written elsewhere about my theory that the systemic barriers within the publishing industry mean that any…

My book review of We, The Survivors by Tash Aw featured in the Writing Malaysia issue of Cha

My review of Tash Aw's novel We, the Survivors, is featured in the “Writing Malaysia” issue of Cha
“There are only rich Chinese, and potentially rich Chinese,” writes Malaysian author Brian Gomez in his short story “Mud,” featured in Fixi Novo’s 2013 anthology KL Noir. While the remark is meant to be taken as tongue in cheek, it underlines the common perception that Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese community more

Bedclothes for Beckett - a new short story, featured on The Blue Nib

I'm delighted to have my short story Bedclothes for Beckett featured on The Blue Nib

Stan and me - new short story featured on Pendemic

I wrote a little lockdown story called Stan and Me, inspired by two of my more unusual neighbours and the Alan Bennett plays I've been listening to lately. 

You can read it on the Pendemic website