Bedclothes for Beckett (The Blue Nib, May 2020)

Stan and me (Pendemic, April 2020)

Groceries for Lydia Davis (The Cormorant, December 2019)

Antecessor (Endings and Beginnings, November 2018, Runner up for the 2017 D. K. Dutt Memorial Award For Literary Excellence)

The Girl with the Crooked Nose (Little Basket- New Malaysian Writing, October 2018)

Scapefish (The Honest Ulsterman, June 2018)

The Lift (New Reader Magazine, issue 2, page 99, June 2018)

Find Yourself (Stories for Homes: Volume 2, November 2017)

Escargots de Bourgogne (Fay Khoo Award runner-up, October 2017)

Dr Fintan (The Incubatorissue 13, page 50), August 2017)

Temptation (Little Basket 2017: New Malaysian Writing, March 2017)

Lime Pickled (Naratif Kisah Journal, October 2016)

Saving Life the Five-Foot-Way (Anak Sastra Issue 24, 2016)

Apartment Double Death (Eastlit, September 2016)

The Year Our Voices Broke (Lakeview International Journal ofLiterature and Arts (pages 140-150), August 2016)

Seed (Everything About Us:Readings from Readings 3, August 2016)

Seed (Rambutan, June 2016)

Death or Plastic (The Runt: Lost at Sea #9, May 2016)

The Green Fuse (Little Basket: New Malaysian Writing, April 2016)

Big Balls (Champion Fellas, March 2016) Runner up for the D. K. Dutt Memorial Award For Literary Excellence

Finnuala Fiesta (The Incubator (pages 41-48), December 2015)

No Sa-Butti Soup (Dawn of a New Sky, November 2015)

Joget Girl (Hungry in Ipoh, October 2015)

Born Outside the Box (As Life Found Me, June 2015)

The Bamboo Swing (Esquire Magazine, Dec 2014)

Across the Square (Jotters United: Issue 3, 2014)

A Dynasty of Dust (Jaggery, Summer 2014)

Under the Shade of the Tamarind Tree (North East Review, April 2014)

Protection (Roadside Fiction, April 2014)

Ah Girl is in a Relationship (Esquire Magazine, January 2014)

Lorong Gelap (Popradeeo, October 2013)

Mamak Murder Mystery (KL Noir: Red, Fixi Novo, 2013)

Majestic Heights (Love in Penang, Fixi Novo, 2013)

Green Onions (Lost in Putrajaya, Fixi Novo, 2013)

Trapped in Traffic (Esquire Magazine, Feb 2013)

Milking Pen (Readings from Readings 2, Word Works, 2012)

Night Fishing (Readings from Readings 2, Word Works, 2012)

Last-time Kopitiam (Fish Eats Lion, Math Paper Press, 2012)

Lessons at the Night Market(Sini Sana:Travels in Malaysia, May 2011) 

Lessons at Muthu's Barbershop (Sini Sana:Travels in Malaysia, May 2011) 

Tropical Madness is my first collection of short stories. Published in 2013 it is now out of print, but a few copies are still available here  or as an e-book on GooglePlay and Smashwords  

Hungry in Ipoh


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