How the pandemic cost me my livelihood (and how you can help me find a new one)

I wrote a little article for The Irish Times about how the pandemic has affected me living in Malaysia. You can read it here.

As might be clear from this short piece I am actively looking for work, preferably writing or editing related, but I will consider anything in any country where I can work legally.

I have a BA in Hotel Management and have worked in various positions in the hotel and restaurant trade, including running my own tiny café for several years.

I am fluent in English and French. I also speak passable Dutch and Spanish. I have a basic understanding of German and a smattering of another half a dozen languages.

I have written a collection of short stories and had my writing in fiction and non-fiction featured both in print and online, including quite a number of book reviews for major Malaysian news outlets (links to most of of my published work are featured on this site).

I have edited and proofread more than a dozen books, details of some of which can be found on my editing website here:

I have built a dozen or so websites, and have a working understanding of HTML and CSS. I have written copy and blog articles for several tech-centric websites. Here's an example. Here's another example.

I taught yoga and meditation for 15 years. I qualified as a lifeguard once upon a time. I taught English in primary schools in France for several years and have recently completed a 150-hour online TEFL course.

Such varied experience doesn't make it easy for potential employers to know what to make of me, but while I might not fit neatly into a box it shows that I am adaptable and have what I recently discovered is sometimes called a 'growth mindset'.

If you happen to have read this far, and by some chance have employment leads for me to follow, please do not hesitate to contact me at marc de faoite at gmail (or any other channel - DM me on Twitter or Facebook for example).

Thank you in advance.



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