'Where is Ah Girl' & 'Ah Girl is in a Relationship' (from Tropical Madness) - read by Professor Anthony Cummins.

Professor Anthony Cummins lectures in Putrajaya Malaysia and has kindly chosen to use two of my stories from Tropical Madness in a course he teaches to medical undergraduates.

These stories represent pivotal episodes in the life of a rebellious character teenager named 'Ah Girl.'

I wrote theses stories in the format of Facebook posts and have tried my best to authentically reproduce Malaysian English as it us used by the younger generation on social media. As such, these stories are stylistically very different from any of the other stories included in Tropical Madness, which follow a more traditional short story format.

Reactions to these stories have been radically different. Some readers have told me that they wee there favourite stories, others have said exactly the opposite.

When asked to read in public  from Tropical Madness I have never chosen these stories, partially for fear of mangling the accents, but Professor Cummins does a fine job in his interpretation and I applaud his efforts.

Where is Ah Girl?

Ah Girl is in a Relationship


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