MSG – Miss Singapore Girl

A few years ago a Singaporean publisher had the idea of publishing a series of books of very short stories with food based themes. One of the themes was MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) - a flavour enhancer common in Asian cuisine. My submission, featured here below, was accepted, but unfortunately due to financial constraints only two books in the series were ever published, so rather than leave this languish unread on my hard-drive I thought I'd leave it to languish unread here instead.

Miss Singapore girl, mall shopping goddess, miracle secret genes, mesmerising swaying gait, melts solid gold. 

Meets someone gifted. Mystery single guy. Man simple generous, makes special gifts. 

Midday secret gallery. Motel story guessed. 

Meanwhile sick genius, meticulously slippery geek, might steal glimpses. Malicious silent gaze. Murders special gentleman. 

Main street gasps. Movie smoking gun. Murky solving guilt. Merlion simply growls.

Media’s strange game, mining something gruesome, magazine sordid gore. Most stupid glorified.

Miss Singapore girl, meek silent graceful maiden still glorious, missing someone gentle. Maybe still grieving. 


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